HeyLoyalty is an e-mail- and sms-marketing platform with integrated business intelligence.

The system is built on loyalitetsbureauet’s years of experience with loyalty programmes and is designed to make complex processes simple.

User-friendly Functions

Usability and intuitive design is the cornerstone of Heyloyalty. The user-friendly Drag & Drop-editor enables you to create professional campaigns regardless of how experienced you are.

Dynamic Content and Autoresponders

Build newsletters and campaigns based on visitor behaviour and create personalized content to thousands of recipients.

Easy Optimization

Responsive templates for mobile optimization is just one click away and splittests can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Nicolaj Balle Ladiges

Founder, CEO & Partner

Dynamic emails

Send personalized content to thousands of recipients.

Intelligent Autoresponders

Trigger personlized emails based on visitors’ online behaviour to increase effectiveness.

Effective SMS Marketing

Coordinate and send SMS campaigns to your various customer segments all over the world.

A/B Splittesting

Test two alternatives on selected recipients and have the best performing alternative sent to the rest of your list automatically.

Built-in Statistics

Learn how your recipients react to your campaigns and identify ways to improve.


Divide your customers into segments based on interests, behavior or other similarities to ensure content relevance.

Heyloyalty strengthens your business..

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