The History of Arnsbo Media

Feb 01

Voicearchive Africa is live!

Voicearchive has – yet again – added another continent to their landscape! This time is was Africa they acquired. Voicearchive required a smaller company from South Africa, that is now an official Voicearchive Africa department. The Africa Department is run..Read More

Jan 01

PiiPL is born – Arnsbo Media Services changes name

PiiPL is born! We changed the name of Arnsbo Media Services to PiiPL, and also changed a bit of what they do. PiiPL is a company under Arnsbo Media, who has existed for more than 20 years. We have tried..Read More

Nov 24

Heyloyalty acquires Bullsender

The e-mail marketing company Heyloyalty has made a strategic decision and acquired a competitor – Bullsender. With Bullsender, Heyloyalty and the sister company Loyalitetsbureauet has a much stronger position on the Danish market, when it comes to e-mail and loyalty..Read More

May 08

Arnsbo Media supports the Wings for Life run

On a sunny sunday afternoon, 22 Arnsbo Media employees ran and walked the best they could in the Wings for Life run. Despite the heat, several team members broke their personal records on various distances. A great day for team..Read More

May 01

VoiceArchive opens UK office

A new force in the voice-over, audio- and post production industry has been created. VoiceArchive UK is the result of a recent merger between VoiceArchive and London dubbing and post production facility, ADRenaline Dub & Post. As Europe’s leading voice-over agency,..Read More

Feb 26

Arnsbo Property Media relaunches as Fliva

Arnsbo Property Media and Fliva are merged to increase focus on video and strengthen our position of the market for automated video production market. In short, Fliva combines existing content in custom templates to create unlimited variants of videos. This enables Fliva to produce..Read More

Oct 01

VoiceArchive inc founded

VoiceArchive opens an office in downtown Manhattan in New York City. The office is run by customer service manager Steven Lowell and key account manager Michael Vargas. Our customers are now served 15 hours a day.

Jul 05

Arnsbo Media Services is founded

Arnsbo Media Services is founded, and Soren Collstrup is appointed as the Business Manager in charge of operations. The company delivers shared services such as it-development, finance, administration, HR services and project management.

Jun 20

Arnsbo Media sells Zumo A/S and acquires more shares in Heyloyalty and Loyalitetsbureauet

Arnsbo Media has now got majority ownership in Heyloyalty and Loyalitetsbureauet, and new ressources are invested to develop the software and the business even further.

Feb 01

Stefan Werge appointed as CEO for VoiceArchive

Having worked in VoiceArchive as first Sales manager, then CCO and COO for almost two years, Stefan Werge was appointed CEO of VoiceArchive.

Nov 05

Acquisition of Loyalitetsbureauet, Heyloyalty and ZumoQR

Arnsbo Media buys 50% of shares in Loyalitetsbureauet, Heyloyalty and ZumoQR. Strong synergies already exist between the companies. but the plan is to intensify the customer, product, development and administration synergies even further.

Jun 30

Company founded: Fliva – A creation platform for video production

Partnering with Firtal Group, Arnsbo Media founds Fliva, developing a video platform, that automatically creates videos by using static content, image and descriptions. With a professional voice over!

May 30

Arnsbo Media wins regional award and recognition on the Danish TV show “Væxtfaktor”

Arnsbo Media has won the honor of being named by voters as the outstanding company within our geographical region of Denmark. The title of the competition is named “Væxtfaktor”, which means “Growth Potential” in Danish. Arnsbo Media made it to..Read More

Feb 02

Arnsbo Media founds a VoiceArchive sister site: Buyvo

Meeting the demands for a self service solution for voice over services as a sister site to VoiceArchive, Buyvo is founded. Buyvo is the worlds first voice over shop. Listen, choose, buy, download. A voice over can be ordered in..Read More

May 19

Arnsbo Property Media is founded

Arnsbo Property Media is founded and the products are based on Arnsbo Media’s own developed software engine, which makes it possible to generate huge volumes of real estate videos with professional voice over, with very little manual effort. First two..Read More

Jan 15

New HQ office

As a consequence of continued growth Arnsbo Media moves to a new headquarter office based in “IT City”, Aarhus Nord. The building is an old iron-processor factory, which was completely renovated based on Arnsbo Media’s design demands.

Nov 29

Gazelle Growth Award 2009

Arnsbo Media was once again honored by leading Danish business papuer Børsen with its prestigious “Gazelle award”, which recognizes the fastest growing companies in Denmark, that have minimum doubled revenue during a four year period with continous growth.

May 09

New CEO and Co-owner

Carsten Hjorth Pedersen buys 50% of shares in Arnsbo Media, and is appointed as the new CEO of Arnsbo Media. From that point Carsten is responsible for all sales, operations and HR, while Soren Arnsbo as CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)..Read More

Nov 30

Gazelle Growth Award 2008

Arnsbo Media was honored by leading Danish business paper Børsen with its prestigious “Gazelle award”, which recognizes the fastest growing companies in Denmark, that have minimum doubled revenue during a four year period with continous growth.

Jun 15

VoiceArchive founded

Having established a large network of foreign voice talents over the course of many years, Søren Arnsbo founds VoiceArchive with a website with 200 voice talents. Several foreign clients were onboarded from day one – A true born global company.

Apr 01

Arnsbo Media is founded

Søren Arnsbo founds Arnsbo Media as a radio commercial production company with a small studio and office in a basement in Sejrøgade in Aarhus.