Loyalitetsbureauet is a Danish marketing agency specialized in customer recruiting, -retention and winback campaigns. With a genuine business know-how, strategic scope and armed with business intelligence, they work to increase customer loyalty for some of the largest companies in Denmark.

Strategy is Key

Every project recommendation and initiative is based on a thorough understanding of the customers’ business and targets.

From Thought to Action

Loyalitetsbureauet has the necessary specialists, technologies and tools to turn thoughts and strategies into measurable actions.

Integrated Marketing

Increased customer loyalty comes from an integrated marketing communication effort, based on a thorough understanding of customer segments and behavior.


Clear purpose with the collaboration

Customer Loyalty

What are the optimal conditions for customer retention?


Focus on the decision process and flow to increase sales.


Online customer behaviour is employed for personalized content and automails.


How to find your customers and get them to sign up.

Campaign Management

Coordination and execution of initiatives to increase effectiveness.


Coordination and execution of all planned initiatives.


Everything is measured and controlled – nothing is left to coincidence.

Loyalitetsbureauet has helped the following brands increase their customer loyalty