Meet our Team

Arnsbo Media employs 75 amazing and talented people.

Arnsbo Media
Project Management
Søren Arnsbo
Founder, Partner & Chairman of Arnsbo Media
Søren ArnsboFounder, Partner & Chairman of Arnsbo Media
Carsten Hjorth Pedersen
CEO & Partner, Arnsbo Media
Carsten Hjorth PedersenCEO & Partner, Arnsbo Media
Stefan Werge
CEO & Partner, VoiceArchive
Stefan WergeCEO & Partner, VoiceArchive
John Harley
CEO & Partner, VoiceArchive UK
John HarleyCEO & Partner, VoiceArchive UK
Nicolaj Balle Ladiges
CEO, Founder & Partner, Loyalitetsbureauet & Heyloyalty
Nicolaj Balle LadigesCEO, Founder & Partner, Loyalitetsbureauet & Heyloyalty
Søren Collstrup
CEO & Partner, PiiPL
Søren CollstrupCEO & Partner, PiiPL
Claus Witt
CTO & Partner, Fliva, Senior IT Developer
Claus WittCTO & Partner, Fliva, Senior IT Developer
Ruan Le Grange
CEO & Partner, VoiceArchive Africa
Ruan Le GrangeCEO & Partner, VoiceArchive Africa
René Kucza
General Manager, Loyalitetsbureuaet
René KuczaGeneral Manager, Loyalitetsbureuaet
Frank Haahr
Frank HaahrCMO
Trine Pilgaard Christoffersen
HR Consultant
Trine Pilgaard ChristoffersenHR Consultant
Gavin Neville
Finance Manager
Gavin NevilleFinance Manager
Frank Stender
Finance Manager
Frank StenderFinance Manager
Ole Dalgas
Marketing Manager, Heyloyalty
Ole DalgasMarketing Manager, Heyloyalty
Bente Juel Danyar
Senior HR Consultant
Bente Juel DanyarSenior HR Consultant
Niels Henriksen
Senior HR Consultant
Niels HenriksenSenior HR Consultant
Sara Hedelund Madsen
Finance assistant
Sara Hedelund MadsenFinance assistant
Karina Gondoff Bøje
Partner & Customer Success Manager
Karina Gondoff BøjePartner & Customer Success Manager
Lilla Sandor
Student Assistant
Lilla SandorStudent Assistant
Marianne Maack Andersen
Project Manager
Marianne Maack AndersenProject Manager
Janne Vognstoft
Konsulent – Dialog og loyalitet
Janne VognstoftKonsulent – Dialog og loyalitet
Anna Sticken
Head of Sales, VoiceArchive DK
Anna StickenHead of Sales, VoiceArchive DK
Sheila Johnstone
Sales Director, VoiceArchive UK
Sheila JohnstoneSales Director, VoiceArchive UK
Jesper Thykær
Product Manager & Specialist
Jesper ThykærProduct Manager & Specialist
Michael Frederik Hansen
Key Account Manager
Michael Frederik HansenKey Account Manager
Michael Hansen
Project Coordinator
Michael HansenProject Coordinator
Laura Skriver
Project Coordinator
Laura SkriverProject Coordinator
Andreas Gromoll
Project Coordinator
Andreas GromollProject Coordinator
Alberto Oscarelli
Project Coordinator
Alberto OscarelliProject Coordinator
Emanuele Latina
Head of Production, VoiceArchive UK
Emanuele LatinaHead of Production, VoiceArchive UK
Jane Ankjær Ibsen
Sourcing & Casting Manager
Jane Ankjær IbsenSourcing & Casting Manager
Birgitte Hedin
Process Specialist & Project Coordinator
Birgitte HedinProcess Specialist & Project Coordinator
Jarrod Cooper
Post Producer, VoiceArchive Africa
Jarrod CooperPost Producer, VoiceArchive Africa
Josh Ostwind
Project Coordinator, VoiceArchive UK
Josh OstwindProject Coordinator, VoiceArchive UK
Mathias Jakobsen
Senior IT Developer
Mathias JakobsenSenior IT Developer
Gitte Løvkvist Borch
IT Developer
Gitte Løvkvist BorchIT Developer
Mads Brouer Lundholm
IT Developer
Mads Brouer LundholmIT Developer
Mathias T. Kristensen
Junior IT Developer
Mathias T. KristensenJunior IT Developer
Simon Korshøj
Senior IT Developer
Simon KorshøjSenior IT Developer
Jess Nielsen
IT Developer
Jess NielsenIT Developer
Maria Louise Thomsen
Head of Production, Fliva
Maria Louise ThomsenHead of Production, Fliva
Lasse Iversen
Sound Engineer
Lasse IversenSound Engineer
Nicolaj Jacobsen
Onboarding Manager & Marketing assistant
Nicolaj JacobsenOnboarding Manager & Marketing assistant
Deborah Andersen
Marketing Manager, VoiceArchive
Deborah AndersenMarketing Manager, VoiceArchive
Ditte Bille Bugge
Junior Marketing Consultant
Ditte Bille BuggeJunior Marketing Consultant
Dovile Mikutiene
Junior Digital Developer
Dovile MikutieneJunior Digital Developer
Rikke Krogsgaard
Finance assistant
Rikke KrogsgaardFinance assistant
Sarah Levke Hoffmann
Finance Trainee
Sarah Levke HoffmannFinance Trainee
Martin Mandsberg Byrialsen
Sales Trainee & Success Operator
Martin Mandsberg ByrialsenSales Trainee & Success Operator
Anna Ódor Pedersen
Customer Success Operator
Anna Ódor PedersenCustomer Success Operator
Steffen Duelund
Konsulent – Dialog og loyalitet
Steffen DuelundKonsulent – Dialog og loyalitet
Pierre Rouvillain
IT Supporter
Pierre RouvillainIT Supporter
Sighvatur í Holusteini
Junior IT Developer
Sighvatur í HolusteiniJunior IT Developer
Katrine Korsgaard Jensen
Media Operator
Katrine Korsgaard JensenMedia Operator
Morten Højgaard
Media Operator
Morten HøjgaardMedia Operator
Astrid Andersen
Media Operator
Astrid AndersenMedia Operator
Maja Selch
Media Operator
Maja SelchMedia Operator
Alexander Stengård
Media Operator
Alexander StengårdMedia Operator
Marianne Aagaard
Media Operator
Marianne AagaardMedia Operator
Mikkel Petersen
Media Operator
Mikkel PetersenMedia Operator
Claus Maack Andersen
Media Operator
Claus Maack AndersenMedia Operator
Johanne Toftelund Jensen
Media Operator
Johanne Toftelund JensenMedia Operator
Alberte Christine Berg
Media Operator
Alberte Christine BergMedia Operator
Christoffer Reventlow-Mourier
Media Operator
Christoffer Reventlow-MourierMedia Operator
Marie Hvingelby
Media Operator
Marie HvingelbyMedia Operator
Camilla Wegener
Media Operator
Camilla WegenerMedia Operator
Gustav Bjerring Winterberg
Media Operator
Gustav Bjerring WinterbergMedia Operator
Ida Wind Skydt
Media Operator
Ida Wind SkydtMedia Operator
Nicolai Dahl
Media Operator
Nicolai DahlMedia Operator
Signe Aas Dam
Media Operator
Signe Aas DamMedia Operator
Sofie Woidemann
Media Operator
Sofie WoidemannMedia Operator