VoiceArchive is one of the pioneering companies in the voice-over business. Innovation is sought in the cross field between practical knowledge, technology and customer needs.

The company operates in the global market, employs 20 persons in four countries and produces more than 20.000 voice-overs per year.


When a HP printer ad rolls over your TV screen, there is a chance that we have delivered the voice-over in 14 different languages. VoiceArchive is all about voice-overs for any purpose you can think of. TV ads, documentary, fitness trackers – you name it.

Any Size Voice-Over Projects

VoiceArchive is a full-service voice-over agency. The team is capable of handling anything from 10 voicemail greetings to large scale productions.

Voice Branding

For every message there is one voice that will convey it perfectly.

VoiceArchive has the expertise and tools to find the right voice.

Stefan Werge

CEO & Partner

6000+ Unique Voices

Every voice in the world is unique – more than 6000 of them are featured on the VoiceArchive roster.

100+ Languages

The roster covers more than 100 of the world’s languages.

Native Voices

All voice talents are professionals and native in the language they offer.

15 Hours a Day

The International VoiceArchive offices are open and ready to handle your project 15 hours each workday.

VoiceArchive delivers voices to some of the largest brands in the world

VoiceArchive is all about finding the right voice...

…watch the video and find out why